Best Offshore Accident Lawyers | Maritime Workers

Navigating the aftermath of an offshore accident requires not only resilience but also the right legal expertise to secure adequate compensation. Offshore workers face some of the harshest working conditions, and when accidents occur, the path to justice can be fraught with complex maritime laws. This post offers a detailed look at some of the top offshore accident law firms in the United States, renowned for their prowess in maritime litigation.

1. Arnold & Itkin LLP – Houston, Texas

Arnold & Itkin LLP stands out in the maritime legal field for their relentless advocacy and impressive track records. This Houston-based firm is known for handling high-stakes cases, including the largest maritime settlement in recent history. They focus on catastrophic offshore accidents, and their approach combines thorough legal research with aggressive representation, ensuring their clients receive maximum compensation. Their success is driven by their specialized knowledge of maritime law and a commitment to client care, making them a leading choice for offshore injury cases.

  • Why Choose Them: Known for taking on complex cases and achieving record settlements, including winning the largest maritime settlement in recent history.
  • Establishment Year: 2004
  • Experience: Over a decade specializing in maritime law with significant expertise in offshore injury cases.
  • Cases & Compensation Won: They have secured billions of dollars for their clients across various personal injury cases, with several substantial maritime injury settlements.
  • States: Texas, but represent clients nationwide.
  • Website:

2. Morrow & Sheppard LLP – Houston, Texas

Morrow & Sheppard LLP is another top-tier Houston firm specializing in maritime and offshore injuries. What sets them apart is their dual perspective; the firm’s founders previously served as defense lawyers for large corporations, providing them with unique insights into corporate legal strategies. They leverage this experience to advocate for workers injured on oil rigs, vessels, and platforms, focusing on securing full and fair compensation. Their commitment to personal attention and comprehensive case handling ensures that every aspect of the client’s claim is meticulously addressed.

  • Why Choose Them: Their unique perspective as former defense attorneys for corporations provides them with insider knowledge on how to effectively counter corporate legal strategies.
  • Establishment Year: 2015
  • Experience: The partners have many years of combined legal experience, both from a defense and plaintiff standpoint.
  • Cases & Compensation Won: Known for winning substantial awards for offshore accident victims, though specific figures are typically confidential.
  • States: Texas, with a focus on Gulf of Mexico-related incidents.
  • Website:

3. The Krist Law Firm, P.C. – Houston, Texas

With decades of experience, The Krist Law Firm, P.C. has a long-standing reputation for excellence in maritime law. Located in Houston, they have successfully secured multi-million dollar awards for their clients, highlighting their capability in managing complex offshore cases. Their strategy involves detailed case investigation and leveraging a network of maritime experts to support claims, enhancing their ability to win challenging cases against well-funded adversaries.

  • Why Choose Them: With a long history of legal service, they offer deep expertise in maritime law and a strong commitment to achieving justice for accident victims.
  • Establishment Year: 1968
  • Experience: Over 50 years of handling maritime and personal injury lawsuits with a record of significant compensation awards.
  • Cases & Compensation Won: They have won numerous multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts, providing financial relief and justice to many injured workers.
  • States: Texas, but they also handle cases nationwide.
  • Website:

4. Zehl & Associates, PC – Houston, Texas

Zehl & Associates, PC excels in representing severe injury and wrongful death cases related to offshore accidents. Their lawyers are not only skilled negotiators but also seasoned trial attorneys, prepared to take every case to court if necessary. This firm’s aggressive approach in court and their meticulous preparation for each case have resulted in record-setting jury awards. They are particularly noted for their personal commitment to clients, providing accessible and responsive legal support throughout the litigation process.

  • Why Choose Them: They are aggressive trial lawyers with a proven track record in severe injury and wrongful death cases related to offshore accidents.
  • Establishment Year: Not publicly available, but the firm has been active for over a decade.
  • Experience: Focused on personal injury and wrongful death with a specialty in offshore accidents.
  • Cases & Compensation Won: They have secured several top-dollar verdicts for their clients, contributing to their reputation as one of the leading firms in this area.
  • States: Texas, primarily serving Gulf Coast clients but also nationwide.
  • Website:

5. Latti & Anderson LLP – Boston, Massachusetts

Operating from Boston, Latti & Anderson LLP has over 50 years of experience in maritime law, advocating for injured mariners across the United States. Their national practice has yielded significant settlements and verdicts, reflecting their deep expertise and persistent advocacy. The firm specializes in all types of maritime injuries, from commercial fishing accidents to international shipping incidents. Their holistic approach to case management involves thorough evidence gathering and expert witness collaboration, ensuring a well-rounded and robust presentation in court.

  • Why Choose Them: They have a longstanding reputation of over 50 years in maritime law, providing comprehensive legal support to maritime workers.
  • Establishment Year: 1960
  • Experience: Specializing in maritime injuries and wrongful death cases with extensive experience across a variety of maritime accidents.
  • Cases & Compensation Won: Notable for winning landmark cases and high-value settlements for clients, emphasizing their competence in maritime legal challenges.
  • States: Massachusetts, but represent maritime injury victims across the United States.
  • Website:

Choosing the Right Offshore Accident Lawyer

Selecting an offshore accident lawyer should be done carefully. Consider factors like the firm’s focus on maritime law, their track record with similar cases, the resources they can allocate, and client testimonials. An experienced maritime attorney will not only understand the nuances of your case but also be prepared to navigate the complex legal landscape of maritime law effectively.


For those impacted by offshore accidents, securing the right legal representation is crucial. The law firms listed here represent the best in maritime law, with proven track records in securing justice for offshore workers. If you or a loved one are seeking legal help following an offshore accident, these firms offer the expertise needed to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Remember, choosing a lawyer who is well-versed in maritime law and has a strong commitment to their clients can make all the difference in your case’s success.