Top 10 Accident Lawyers in the USA | 2024

When misfortune strikes in the form of an accident or personal injury, the path to recovery often involves navigating complex legal challenges. Quality legal representation can be the difference between a poorly settled claim and receiving full compensation for injuries suffered. This article delves into the top 10 accident lawyers in the United States, offering insights into their credentials, landmark cases, and the distinct expertise they bring to the table.

1. Morgan & Morgan

Founded in 1988, Morgan & Morgan has grown into one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms, with a mantra of fighting “For The People.” Noteworthy for recovering over $13 billion for clients, they have a record of aggressive representation against insurance companies, ensuring clients do not settle for less than they deserve.

  • Landmark Case: $47 million for a personal injury claim in 2016.
  • Fee Structure: Contingency-based, no fees unless you win.
  • Specialties: Auto accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation.
  • Website: Morgan & Morgan

2. Cellino & Barnes (Now The Barnes Firm)

With a history dating back to 1958, Cellino & Barnes was renowned for impactful advertising and high-volume client intake before its rebranding as The Barnes Firm. They are known for securing multimillion-dollar settlements, with a strong focus on personal attention to each case.

  • Landmark Case: $32 million settlement for a car accident victim.
  • Fee Structure: No recovery, no fee.
  • Specialties: Motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice.
  • Website: The Barnes Firm

3. Wilshire Law Firm

Established in 2007, Wilshire Law Firm has quickly risen to prominence, amassing over $900 million in verdicts and settlements. Their aggressive approach in litigating severe accidents and personal injury cases has positioned them as a powerhouse in California and nationwide.

  • Landmark Case: $74 million for a motorcycle accident.
  • Fee Structure: Contingency fees as discussed during consultation.
  • Specialties: Traffic accidents, personal injury, workers’ compensation.
  • Website: Wilshire Law Firm

4. Thomas J. Henry Law

Since 1993, Thomas J. Henry Law has secured substantial settlements for clients through meticulous preparation and formidable courtroom prowess. Their commitment to client service includes personal attention from senior attorneys and comprehensive case management.

  • Landmark Case: $50 million for a trucking accident.
  • Fee Structure: No win, no fee.
  • Specialties: Commercial truck accidents, personal injury, wrongful death.
  • Website: Thomas J. Henry Law

5. Lerner and Rowe

Known for their catchy marketing and client-focused service, Lerner and Rowe have carved out a significant presence in the personal injury field since 2005. Their lawyers are accessible 24/7, ensuring that clients can always reach them when needed.

  • Landmark Case: $11 million for an auto accident.
  • Fee Structure: No fees unless you win.
  • Specialties: DUI accidents, drug liability cases, personal injury.
  • Website: Lerner and Rowe

6. John Foy & Associates

Starting in 1999, John Foy & Associates earned their nickname “The Strong Arm” by robustly defending accident victims. They specialize in securing substantial settlements and verdicts, particularly in complex cases involving catastrophic injuries.

  • Landmark Case: $100 million in a product liability case.
  • Fee Structure: Contingency, no upfront fees.
  • Specialties: Workers’ compensation, vehicle accidents, disability claims.
  • Website: John Foy & Associates

7. Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC

Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, established in 1993, focuses almost exclusively on truck accidents and has developed a national reputation for their expertise in this area. Their attorneys are known for their scholarly approach and have authored several leading treatises on truck accident law.

  • Landmark Case: $29.25 million for a truck accident.
  • Fee Structure: Contingency-based fees.
  • Specialties: Truck and commercial vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries.
  • Website: Fried Rogers Goldberg

8. Gruber Law Offices

Gruber Law Offices, led by David Gruber since 1984, offers compassionate and vigorous advocacy for accident victims. Their commitment to “One Call… That’s All” epitomizes their approach to client service, emphasizing accessibility and diligent advocacy.

  • Landmark Case: $13 million for a pedestrian injury.
  • Fee Structure: No fee unless successful.
  • Specialties: Pedestrian accidents, personal injury, public liability cases.
  • Website: Gruber Law Offices

9. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have been a staple in the legal community since 1992, amassing over $2.5 billion in recoveries. Their extensive resources and depth of knowledge allow them to handle the most challenging and significant cases.

  • Landmark Case: $117.5 million for a catastrophic injury.
  • Fee Structure: No fee unless you win.
  • Specialties: Big truck accidents, personal injury, maritime accidents.
  • Website: Get Gordon

10. Baumgartner Law Firm

Baumgartner Law Firm, established in 1985, has a well-earned reputation for not only winning significant settlements but also for handling each case with a strategy tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Their focus is on serious injury and wrongful death cases.

  • Landmark Case: Confidential settlements in the tens of millions.
  • Fee Structure: Contingency, fees discussed upon consultation.
  • Specialties: Auto accidents, truck accidents, catastrophic injury cases.
  • Website: Baumgartner Law Firm


The right accident lawyer can dramatically influence the outcome of a case by securing the compensation necessary for a full recovery. The top attorneys listed here are distinguished by their strategic expertise, commitment to client welfare, and track record of substantial settlements and verdicts. Choosing an attorney from this list means placing your trust in some of the best legal minds in the country, dedicated to advocating for accident victims.